iPhone Apps

News Cam

Create fun video clips that look like professional news stories!

Photo Lights

Easily add strings of blinking holiday lights to your photos and quickly share them with friends and family.

Websites & Services

Attack Ad Generator

Create your own slanderous political attack ads. Share them with friends. Embed them on your site.

Blame Drew’s Cancer

Raise money for charity by blaming Drew’s cancer for anything and everything you want.

Lyric Rat

Naming that Tune in 140 characters or less… Got some lyrics stuck in your head but can’t remember the song? Ask the Lyric Rat.

Tweet Bricks

Play the age-old game of Tweet stacking… Tweet Bricks turns Twitter Tweets into bricks that you must stack as they fall down the screen.


Channel-surf the latest YouTube videos posted to Twitter.

Applications & Extensions


Firefox extension that puts Twitter in your sidebar.

Recent Reaction

We #BlameDrewsCancer for This Addictive Tetris-Inspired Twitter Game
“it is quite fun to see tweets of your liking trickle down the screen… we can’t think of a better way to mix Twitter, Tetris, and social good”

If You Hate Posts About Twitter, #BlameDrewsCancer
“just a few days after the launch of the site, it’s working to great effect. This morning, the cause was a top trending topic on Twitter. And even Lance Armstrong, who has just under 1 million followers, tweeted it out…”

Blaming Drew’s Cancer: My Favorite New Twitter Trend
“Drew and his friend and Hodgkin’s survivor Mike Demers launched the website, which collects any tweet that blames Drew’s cancer for a mishap and is accompanied with the hashtag #blamedrewscancer…”

Impress Your Friends with Your Fake Musical Prowess by Using LyricRat
“Next time you're out and about and can't recall the name of a song or the artist who sang it, try out Twitter song-lookup service LyricRat…”

Veetweet is Youtube with ADHD
“It’s a hypnotic experience and great way to stumble upon videos you’d probably never have found otherwise… if it doesn’t drive you insane first…”

Attack Ad Generator
“Would could be more perfect for a Friday before the election than an attack ad generator… This is really nicely done, including great tools such as speech integration.”