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Billie Tweets

A Twitter tribute to Michael Jackson and his hit song “Billie Jean”


Billie Tweets is a tribute to the life and career of Michael Jackson, built at the time of his passing in June 2009.

While the music video for his hit song “Billie Jean” is played, random tweets are displayed containing the words sung in the lyrics. This creates the effect of a virtual “sing along” where everyone on Twitter is joining in, honoring both the near-universal popularity of his music, as well as his lifelong work toward peace and unity.

Need More Michael Jackson? Love "Billie Jean"? This Site Is Awesome

“I highly recommend the site Billie Tweets. The concept is simple: Take Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ and pull in tweets that sync words to the music…”

Billie Tweets: Clever Twitter Tribute to Michael Jackson

“Seems like a fitting way to say good-bye to a superstar who died before his time”

BillieTweets.com Launches a Twitter Tribute to Michael Jackson

“The geekiest [tribute] thus far (and my personal favorite) is Billie Tweets, a website that streams Jackson's hit Billie Jean and then matches real-time tweets to it”