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iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Web Application Development by Mike Demers
jQuery Plug-ins

Bar Fly
A flyweight bar chart plug-in for jQuery. Bar Fly supports multiple data sets and can animate the transition between sets. Bar Fly is only 3 KB when minified. It draws charts using only CSS so it can be used in browsers without Flash or Canvas support.

Ruby Gems

A gem that provides an interface to Microsoft's Bing search API.

Ruby on Rails Plug-ins

Caching Mailer
Enables the use of Rails' fragment caching in ActionMailer views.

Database Counters
A database performance logging plug-in for Ruby on Rails. It will record the number of database calls made and rows returned for each request.

Testable Logger
Ruby on Rails plug-in that allows testing of logging. It lets you assert that messages were (or were not) written to the application's log file during a test case.