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Blame Drew's Cancer

Blow off Steam on Twitter...for Charity!

Update: March 20, 2015
Twitter highlighted #BlameDrewsCancer in a tweet about hashtag activism during their 9th anniversary tweetstorm!

Update: Jan 7, 2015
#BlameDrewsCancer returned bigger and better to help Drew fight the return of his cancer:

Blame drews cancer v2

Original post: June 3, 2009

Blame drews cancer

Blame Drew's Cancer is raising money for and awareness of cancer through innovative use of Twitter.

Whenever someone tweets with the hash tag #BlameDrewsCancer, their message appears on a placard in the protesting crowd at Blame Drew's Cancer.

If You Hate Posts About Twitter, #BlameDrewsCancer

“just a few days after the launch of the site, it’s working to great effect. This morning, the cause was a top trending topic on Twitter. And even Lance Armstrong, who has just under 1 million followers, tweeted it out…”

Drew of “Blame Drew's Cancer” needs a bone marrow donor. Could you be the match?

“When Drew Olanoff was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2009, he created a meme that became the stuff of internet legend: Blame Drew's Cancer. Drew has been diagnosed with a recurrence. The meme is back, too…”

Blaming Drew’s Cancer: My Favorite New Twitter Trend

“Drew and his friend and Hodgkin’s survivor Mike Demers launched the website BlameDrewsCancer.com, which collects any tweet that blames Drew’s cancer for a mishap and is accompanied with the hashtag #blamedrewscancer…”