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A wicked cool Twitter sidebar for Firefox and Flock.

Tweetbar firefox

Originally published: March 19, 2007
Twitter highlighted Tweetbar is a handy way to use Twitter right from the comfort of your browser… provided your browser is Firefox or Flock.

Update: March 21, 2007
I just rolled out a new version of Tweetbar. There’s no need to download or reinstall anything, you’ll automatically get the updated version when you open Tweetbar. If you already have Tweetbar open, you will have to close it and reopen to get the update (just Tweetbar, not your whole browser).

Here’s a list of the fixes and enhancements included in this update:

  • now recognizing all URLs in tweet status text and turning them into links
  • now using browser preferences for long-term information storage
    • remember username & password and automatically log in when Tweetbar is opened
    • remember refresh interval
    • remember active panel
  • only clear “old tweets” - (thanks, jonathan!)
  • fixed: sort tweets in friends_timeline chronologically
  • fixed: sort friends and followers lists alphabetically
  • fixed: display all timestamps as local “offset” times (eg, 3 minutes ago) - (thanks, anders)
  • parsing URLs when receiving a tweet rather than every time it’s displayed
  • use JSON rather than XML now that profile images are provided
  • added X-Twitter-Client-* headers to Ajax request - via
  • fixed: sign-out was forcing reload of public timeline
  • optimized how tweets are stored in memory
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