Lyric Rat

Naming that Tune in 140 characters or less

Got some lyrics stuck in your head but you can’t remember the song? Feed those lyrics to the Lyric Rat and it will crawl through the internet until it finds the name of the song and the artist who recorded it.

The Lyric Rat is also taking requests on Twitter. Tweet some lyrics to @LyricRat and you’ll get back a reply with the song title and artist as well as a link to more information.

The Lyric Rat website is built with Ruby on Rails and jQuery and the Twitter bot is built with twibot. Web searches are handled by rbing and product information is retrieved from the Amazon Product Advertising API through the Ruby/AWS library.

Let's Work Together…

We're available for Javascript, Ruby on Rails and iPhone development projects.


Impress Your Friends with Your Fake Musical Prowess by Using LyricRat
“Next time you're out and about and can't recall the name of a song or the artist who sang it, try out Twitter song-lookup service LyricRat…”

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